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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a grant writer do?

A grant writer provides specialized assistance in the development of grant proposals. They will provide in-depth research of grant opportunities suited for your nonprofit, create compelling proposals, and provide the necessary compliance with grant awards.

How long is the grant process?

Grant development timelines varies depending on the complexity of the application and the readiness of submitting a proposal. Smaller funders might require a week's worth of development while a government grant might require more than a month of planning. A 30-minute consultation will help assess a customized proposal.

How much does it cost to hire a grant writer?

Hourly rates can vary based on proposal scope. We provide an overall cap for the project, thus ensuring you will not be surprised by unrestrained hourly billing. Most projects can be completed as a fixed-rate.

What are the benefits of a contracted grant writer?

A grant writer provides a specialized skill to help empower your unique mission and take one thing off your plate! We help to position your organization to secure grant funding that can help to expand programs and deliver greater value to the people you serve. Accessing grant research and management software, we bring you closer to a large array of grant opportunities that would be an ideal match. Grant funders want to give out grants to nonprofits like YOU!

Leave the guesswork out of it, let us empower your program development and budget formation and ensure you will never miss a deadline. Ultimately, the product delivered is an in-depth assessment of your nonprofit, the creation of a detailed budget and compelling narrative, and the provision of tactical goals to meet your nonprofit strategic goals. The use of an experienced grant professional increases the chances of being funded and further attract other potential funders. Let us help empower your mission and help your nonprofit thrive in the Golden State!

Can you guarantee funding?

Grants deliver a completed product to a nonprofit - a realistic budget, obtainable stretch goals, and a compelling case statement of need - that provides a strong funding request to a grantor. While the product might be complete, we cannot guarantee a grant award due to shifting priorities of funders, limited grant awards, and simply that most funders view the transaction as a relationship. A funder provides funding and support to a nonprofit that it knows and trusts, and it might take several funding cycles to build that trust.

It is considered unethical to pay a grant writer commission or as a percentage of funds awarded.

Can you write a grant work on a commission basis or work for free?

It is considered unethical to pay a grant writer commission or as a percentage of funds awarded. We offer a free consultation and resources for grant development, but a completed grant will not be provided for free since it is a product. The completed grant is a product that includes detailed program assessments, a narrative that can be repurposed for communications and mail appeals, and a comprehensive budget that can be used fir years to come.

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