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Get to Know Us
Golden State Nonprofit Solutions LLC

Our Mission:

We create nonprofit funding solutions by developing dynamic programs, providing effective grant management, and cultivating new fundraising sources.

Our Vision:

To empower nonprofits to thrive in the Golden State


Jeremy Riley, Founder


Jeremy Riley is recognized within healthcare philanthropy for his effectiveness in grant management in pursuit of foundation, corporate, state, and federal funding. He received the '40 under 40' award in the Association of Healthcare Philanthropy in 2023, and has provided effective funding strategies to leverage the unique strengths of nonprofits in pursuit of grant funding. Holding a BA in History and Political Science from Vanguard University of Southern California, an MA in Theological Studies from Fuller Theological Seminary, and a Professional Certificate of Grant Writing from San Diego State University, he provides thoughtful perspective that will empower your nonprofit to thrive in the Golden State.

His experience in the non-profit industry across the country has given him unique insight into what makes a successful non-profit. He believes in a proactive approach that rewards innovation, encourages growth, and fosters a positive relationship with stakeholders. A key part of what he does is the development of programs that leads into effective grant management. This process ensures that non-profits are utilizing every available resource to their full extent. He helps non-profits communicate their purpose, secure funding, and put in place efficient processes to ensure that they are both successful and sustainable.

If you need guidance with your non-profit, I'm here to help. If you would like a free initial consultation, contact me at jeremy [at] or schedule a free consultation.

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